Monday, January 19, 2009


Good evening folks,

Please don't delete this just yet.

I just wanted to take a moment to pass along some information that I've come to realize in the past few weeks. I'm a Former Student of Texas A&M in College Station, TX. I was curious to find Freebird's land there in the early 90's..and have NOT LET GO. I legged, pleaded and prayed, than when I moved back to Houston, the Freebird Gods would smile upon us and bless us with a Freebird's less than 90 miles away. They did and made the Shepherd/Greenbriar location.

They then shown generosity and smiled again, by giving us the one in NW Houston, on FM1960. Now, I suppose I can say that I'm being Greedy, and ask for another one to be put in the Woodlands, in north Houston...but I'm not.. I'm just one of HUNDREDS of Fanatics, not Fans, FANATICS.

How did I get your email addresses? Simple. I'm on Facebook, a social networking circle, and am a "FAN OF FREEBIRDS", a group simply showing interest in Freebird's. Put it this way, most of the posts are what we actually ORDER. Take mine for example:

(in order of assembly)

  • Monster Cayenne
  • Rice and Cheese(mixed)
  • Black Beans
  • Steak
  • Roasted Garlic
  • tablespoon of DEATH SAUCE
  • 4-5 dashes of Lime Juice
  • Pico de gallo
  • sour cream
  • lettuce

Always.... period.

the only thing I change is MAYBE the size. Anything else is not open for discussion. Yes, you'd be amazed how many of "us" are out there. I found that Tavistock took over Freebirds' operations from a former employee, when I asked about one of their older shirts that is out of production, and he pointed me to your website...Did some quick searching, and found both of you. Now, why the heck am I writing?? Here's why:


Seriously, the way things are, are the way the NEED to Be... You can ADD stuff, and make new locations... but DO NOT MESS WITH THE OPERATION in the FRONT of the place...from the Statue of Liberty's on the Hog, to our precious tin-foil art, to the funky XM music piping through the speakers and one of the most important things. The way the people are behind the counter. They're students, they're eccentric, they have holes the size of dimes in their ears! But damn, do they know how to fold my burrito? They make sure it's tight, and well wrapped.

You know what? That's the BEST thing about the place, and that's why I have about 5-6 different Freebirds' shirts. Did you know you need 10 regulars on your Freebirds' card for a Free t-shirt?

May I make a suggestion? okay, Two..

One, Go hit a Freebird's... and get a BURRITO. No nachos, quesadillas, or ANYTHING else. Get a burrito - your way, and get a drink, and a bunch of napkins.

Then, try and argue if ANYTHING should be changed.

Second look on Facebook for Freebirds, and watch what WE are saying. We're saying a LOT more than what gets filled out on your website or comment cards in the places. That's about all the market research you would ever need.

Just please, don't mess up my baby. You have taken good care of it so far...Wishing you the best of luck in 2009!

-Brad Shore, Houston, TX

p.s. The Death Sauce is not as hot as the Habanero, but it's much tastier...just use sparingly.