Wednesday, July 29, 2009


One of our guests (who is now a Fanatic) brought this cookie cake for the crew in The Woodlands. A couple days ago, a female guest lost a diamond ring in our restaurant. It was a family heirloom and she wasn't even sure she had lost it here. We looked initially and did not find it. At closing time as they were moving everything to sweep and mop, there it was! She was overjoyed when we called her to tell her the good news, and this is what she did for us.

This is just a small testament to the caliber of people working here at the Woodlands FREEB!RDS.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Below is a letter we recently received from a loyal FANATIC, and we couldn't not share it with you all. Talk about inspirational. If you have a story to share, certainly send it our way. We'd love to Share the Love! (start at the bottom)


What's good, man? PEACE and LOVE from your fav BURRITO joint! Mucho thanks for taking the time to share your FREEB!RDS story with me. I passed it along to some of my FREEB!RDS family and everyone was crazy inspired. So much so, that we would love to post it on our blog if you'd be cool with it. If you have any hesitation whatsoever please feel free to decline the request. Either way, thanks again for your FREEB!RDS FANATICISM.

Your partner in BURRITO rolling,


On July 18, 2009, Chris wrote:

Hey there!

How's it going? My name is Christian. I talked to you on Tuesday the 14th at the Freebird's in The Woodlands, well actually my mom kinda gave you my story but either way. So, I'm not really sure how much of the story you need, so I'll just send you the basic idea and you just get back to me with anything that's missing.

Ok, so the basic story as told by yours truly:

It was the summer of '02. I had spend the entire semester with my girlfriend in College Station, TX and became completely addicted to Monsters on cayenne with rice, refried beans, steak, jalapenos, and a splash of sour cream! We spend the summer in The Woodlands, TX and used every party opportunity in College Station to get Freebirds.

One day before moving back to College Station for the Fall Semester I broke my neck which left me paralyzed from my chest on down. After two weeks of ICU, feeding tubes, and ice chips I was moved to TIRR, a rehab hospital in the Medical Center.

I was finally allowed to eat 'food', but between the funny taste the tubes left in my mouth and the hospital cuisine, it wasn't long until I demanded a Monster! The Freebirds on Kirby was just a quick shot down the road, so I gave strict directions for my perfect Monster and sent my mom on her merry way! Well, it wasn't actually that easy. First I had a heated argument with the nurse in charge about habanero sauce, jalapenos, and cayenne tortillas. I angrily agreed to toning it down to that point I didn't care, all I wanted was my Monster!

My mom was gone for what seemed like an eternity, but I eventually heard her outside the room door talking to the nurse. What was she thinking wasting even a second out there? She just doesn't know! Well at this point it should be mentioned that having minimal motoric skills and Monsters don't necessarily mix well! I watched her unwrap the Monster and place it between my hands. The first attempt to get a bite ended with the Monster going straight for my eye (no pun intended!). After propping up some pillows and readjusting the burrito between my hands I finally got to have my bite! To describe the goodness should be not necessary, since those who've had it just know, and those who haven't had it, well, they will never understand it!

Thank you and have a good one, bud!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009


Wednesday, July 15, 2009


After a conversation this morning about our loyal Fanatics, we thought it would be cool to document where The Bird has traveled. Are you wearing your vintage FREEB!RDS shirt camping? to a concert? Burning Man? on a cruise to Alaska with your family? Wherever it may be, take a photo of you and your shirt in action. Post it. Share it. We want to know where The Bird has traveled.

Feel to post on our Facebook page as well.

Monday, July 13, 2009


The crew in the Houston area (Sawyer Heights and Shepherd Plaza specifically) joined forces for an afternoon of World Works volunteering at The Houston Food Bank. Ashley Reed, Paul Hernandez, Priscilla, Taj, Anna, Christina, Tristin and Brandi and just a few of the dedicated crew who made the day full of fun. Where are you guys headed next?

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Folks came in droves, Fanatics set up tents and waited to be the first 25 in line....the word spread from afar that The Woodlands was opening. As you can see from one of our loyal Fanatics, some are quite creative. Just wait, we'll have to hold a contest to see who can outdo the next. Until then, it's time for lunch....enjoy a burrito your way. That is a SUPER MONSTER by the way, with steak.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


...and The Woodlands doors will be opening. There are currently 30 fanatics in line waiting to get their years' worth of FREE BURRITOS. Per the el jefe on duty, as of last night they tucked in the campers for a nice evening of waiting....not to worry - they have fans, 20" tv's, X-boxes and plenty of shelter with their tents.

"We were at 25 by 6pm at which time we passed around a fax order and placed an OTF for them from our Cutten Road location. We couldn't forget to bring them burritos to enjoy. The best story was the mom who got in line a 3pm for her son who was driving in from College Station to be sure he was in the running for the top 25. There will be many more stories to share as the clock ticks." Less than 24 hours to go...

Monday, July 6, 2009


The crew from a few of our restaurants in Houston geared up last week for the Lynryd Skynyrd/Kid Rock concert. Clearly they roll in style!