Monday, November 16, 2009


For awhile now I have been hearing the FREEB!RDS crew arrives super early to make everything from scratch. Scratch, this is a restaurant on speed (at least it is during lunch on any given day) moving a mile a minute. How do they keep it fresh? No, seriously.

Well let's just say that on my recent visit to Shepherd Plaza in Houston, I got a sneak peak behind the scenes. Yep, at 7am. Not only was the rice cooking but the chips were being fried, dipped and swirled (all homemade mind you) and the Roasted Tomatillo dressing was being whipped up for the days use. Man, was I impressed! I've never seen a place like this with such a dedicated crew. Who knew it took so much hard work, dedication and committed bunch of folks to make FREEB!RDS what it is today. Again, super impressed. I have such a better appreciation of what I'm eatingh......I mean all those chips will taste that much better as I wolf them down with my all-time favortire queso. Yum!

Keep up the great work you guys.....I'm thinking this is way too cool to be "not normal!"

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