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The feeling of today resonates as we share our stories with those in need during this time of year. As part of our ongoing World Works efforts, our Freebird's Family has done it again by adopting families around Texas and Oklahoma. Whether it was partnering with military families, those who need food, those who are experiencing life transitions, giving gifts to children who have nothing to unwrap on Christmas morning, we have done a little part by bringing the community into our Freebird's Family.

This year’s Adopt A Family Program was a very moving experience for everyone involved. Each restaurant poured their hearts out into these efforts and it resulted in 41 military families sharing a holiday they will never forget. Below is an email that was received from an appreciative soldier after his experience at our Stone Ridge restaurant location:

“We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful night you gave our family! You are a truly inspirational company with fantastic employees! I serve my country not for recognition but because I want to, but people such as Steve and Matt and there crew make being a Soldier, father, husband and a man that much more worth being and doing! I will continue to praise Freebirds for the fantastic place that rocks my "Dinkle family" with every visit! I look forward to helping Freebirds next year in supporting a Soldier. Thank you from the bottom of my and my family’s heart for all the sacrifices you and yours make to help Soldiers remember that people do care. We hope you have a fantastic Holiday season, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! From Shayne, Delana, Christopher, Bradley, Joshua and Brittany Dinkle rock on!"

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


FREEBIRDS World Burrito has launched its collection drive for Operation Homefront, supporting military families and their Adopt A Family program. Throughout the upcoming holidays FREEBIRDS will designate one military family in need for each of their 41 locations throughout Texas.

FREEBIRDS and its charitable arm, FREEBIRDS World Works, has a mission to help inspire staff and guests to give back to the community.

"Every FREEBIRDS restaurant will collect gifts for military families such as gift cards to grocery stores in the amounts of $10, $20, $30 for military families to buy perishable foods for the holidays, and toys in the $5 to $20 range for all ages, especially the age group of tweens and teens," said Annette Beavers, director of FREEBIRDS World Works.

FREEBIRDS World Burrito has been involved in each of their local communities since its first location opened at College Station, Texas, 20 years ago. Each of the 41 locations is partnered with two local non-profit organizations and provides volunteer support & awareness events to over seventy non-profit partners across Texas and Oklahoma.

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We're just outside the Grand Canyon into Arizona. We were able to capture some really cool photo near the Petrified Forest (which is super coll by the way) and we've gotten some great shots of the small towns along the way. We battled a storm last night that left Libby a little frost-bite. It dipped down to 22 degrees (brrrrr.....) on the last leg of the day, from NM to AZ. Who would've thought it would start snowing already? We slowed our pace and made it safe and sound to Eagar, AZ. Be sure to check out our Twitter page as well to see pics and more posts. Stay tuned on more fun stuff. 

Onward and upward!

Monday, November 15, 2010


DAY 3: Alamo Gordo, New Mexico.
Team consists of the following:
  • Russell, the Ops Guy
  • Morgan, aka. Terminator
  • Eric Greene, known as Greene
The team checked into a local Walmart, loading up on more supplies - water, snacks, etc for the rest of the trip. Alamo Gordo is small town, and a bit off the beaten path. Today's stops include: White Sands Monument, Truth or Consequences (where a mini-Statue of Liberty lives) and the final destination is Eager, Arizona.

Stay tuned on our trip and Follow Us on Twitter.

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We're not leaving Texas behind, we're just goin' back to our roots in California. I mean really, who ever stays in one place their whole life. Join us on our adventure as we take the Van, Libby and some of crew and head back to SoCal. We'll be posting pictures of our smiling faces in fun places along the way, videos (we promise to keep it clean) and how could we forget to snap a few shots of those o' so famous places you've always wanted to check out. Stay tuned on our adventure as we leave Texas November 11th for the start of some FREEBIRDS FUN!

Check back often (and follow us onTwitter) so you too can be part of our crazy, wacky journey back to our roots.

Peace - Love - Burritos 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


WE'RE PARTNERING WITH MFTC to bring MUSIC and CHARITY together in Austin!

MUSIC FOR THE CITY and FREEBIRDS WorldWorks are joining forces for MUSIC FEST, a homage to all things music here in Austin.

No plans for ACL this weekend? You do now!

Freebirds has asked MUSIC FOR THE CITY to bring our quality network of musicians to their stage as they celebrate what music has meant to Austin!

Join us at the Freebirds South Congress location, for a night of  fresh food, and great music - not to mention great weather! 

Guests who donate $5 or more to MUSIC FOR THE CITY will receive a FREE REV (free drink & chips & salsa/queso/guac or brownie). When you donate you will also be automatically entered into a raffle to win a FREEBIRDS catered party for 10!

There will be great giveaways (think cozies, t-shirts and cool swag!) This is a great opportunity to come support MUSIC FOR THE CITY, local Austin charities, and the music that makes Austin great!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Good Things are Brewing in Houston

The young lady featured in the article is a friend of FREEBIRDS. She was our “honorary guest” at the Shops at Kirby Grand Opening when we were honoring Texas Children’s Cancer Center. We're in touch with TCCC so that they can reach out to her High School and let them know that we will be pulling up to their campus and offering the senior class FREE burritos in honor of Devin. (We will do this some time next week.) We find out tonight if she will be homecoming queen but we are so happy for Devin and want to continue to support her in every way we can. 


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A warm thanks to everyone in supporting the 2010 Click2Houston voter’s choice best of contest. For the second year in a row Shepherd Plaza maintained our title for “Best Burrito” in Houston, surpassing seven other nominees, including Mission Burritos and Bullritos!

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Hello Killeen!

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Will you be at the next opening?

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Houston has a plethora of burrito chains but that hasn't stopped the growth of new locations opening every month. This week, Houston welcomes another Freebirds World Burrito, this time in Northwest Houston. The new location is located in the Northwest Crossing Shopping Center and will officially open Friday, June 3rd.

Like other Freebirds World Burrito locations in the past, there will be events leading up to Friday's opening. Tuesday, the first 250 people at 11 a.m. and again at 5 p.m. could donate $1 to The Sunshine Kids. In return for doing a good deed, guests received their choice of a burrito, nachos, burrito bowl, quesadilla, or salad plus a fountain drink (around a $7-$8 value). If you missed yesterday's promotion, not to worry, it's being offered again today (Wednesday, June 2).

Friday, May 21, 2010


Young professionals partied with the big cats at Houston Zoo // by Shelby Hodge
May 21, 2010

It was a sellout at Houston Zoo Thursday night when 250 eager supporters, members of the young professionals group Flock, poured through the gates for an evening of animal encounters, light bites and DJ spins.

Official greeters were a North American porcupine, who could be coaxed into waving if offered the right treat, and a majestic bald eagle. It was a rare and wondrous opportunity to see one of the grand birds up-close-and-personal.

Katherine Chambers, Flock's conservation committee chair, officially welcomed guests and spoke briefly on the Zoo's numerous conservation programs. The education component taken care of, Flock-sters moved on to the jaguar exhibition for a special feeding — "bone-in" meat. Yum.

Just like the bone-in ribeye at Tony's. Not.

In any case, the crowd loved watching the sleek cats feed and romp in their new exhibit space.

Sipping brewskies from Saint Arnold Brewing Co., sampling tasty burritos from Freebirds and grooving to sounds of DJ Dave Wrangler were uninhibited guests who went so far as to done animal noses and snouts for party pix.

In the mix were Gloria Luna, Jared Lang, Liz Gorman and Stephen Jones, Michael Mandola, Andrea Pro, Jesse Bounds, Katherine Orellana, Jennifer LeGrand and Brent Howard, Adam Gibson, Sanford Steinberg, Vernon Caldera, Payman Khania and Farrah Akhtar.

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Just Sayin'......

To My Fellow Mayors and Council Members:

In Plano, Texas we have recently welcomed our first Freeb!rds restaurant into our city. Already their business is booming, and with each meal at Freeb!rds you get great food, accompanied by a huge serving of fun and enthusiasm.

But with Freeb!rds, you also get something that is not common in corporate America. You get a significant commitment from the entire organization to being a part of the “serving others” culture in each community.

Their civic involvement is legendary, and they have already demonstrated this by their generous support of the North Texas Food Bank (feeding the hungry) in our region. In addition they have given support to our local group, Plano Fire Rescue Associates, which is a very active local organization that supports our Plano Fire Department by promoting education and awareness of fire safety in our city.

I have no doubt that I will have many more terrific stories of Freeb!rds’ involvement in our community. They are a great example of corporate citizenship at its best. I encourage you to welcome Freeb!rds into your city. They really do “walk the talk”.

Very truly yours,

Phil Dyer


City of Plano

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HOUSTON >> get your game on

Gettin' around to some great schools in the Houston market. Go team Shepherd Plaza, Bunker Hill and Pearland! Now that I'm thinking about it, wouldn't a SUPER MONSTER make for a great dinner, and then a great lunch the next day? Whoa, my pals would so be jealous.

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Need I say more....

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Here are some photos I just received from Africa! There will be more to come so these are just the beginning. The care package was so much more successful than I had hoped for. The smiles are genuine. A new shirt (and American at that) is more than they could ever hope for in that area. They currently are living in 110 degree weather with no electricity. Fresh water is a challenge as well for them. The group in the photos are volunteers in that area who are making a difference for their local tribe/community. We are expecting thank you letters soon in their native language (which will be interpreted). This will be the start of our pen pal relationship as we will motivate each community (Lubbock Texas USA and Goz Beida Chad, Africa) to be active in World Works and to pay it forward. A funny story; they didn’t understand the koozies at first. The local group leader (my contact – Tracy Stover) did know but didn’t tell them. She enjoyed their pleasure in figuring it out on their own. At first; mittens, then pen holder, followed by walkie talkie holder then finally a can holder! They are actually now using them as their walkie talkie holders as they fit perfectly and are great at protecting them as well. If you look closely at the pictures you can see them in use. They loved the stickers as well and are putting them on everything! I will keep you posted as more photos and stories come in. I will be laminating the pictures and letters and sharing them with our community here at Central Park as we motivate our guests and us as well to be active in our World Works vision!