Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The "First 25" in Line at FREEBIRDS World Burrito

The "First 25" in Irving, TX

When words like fanatics, die-hards, mega fans, adventurers, pioneers, and awesome come to mind, we at FREEBIRDS World Burrito think about our "First 25." They are the early birds that get the worm, the men and women whose dedication to freshness and free burritos go beyond the comforts of home. They are the "First 25" and they are a group to be reckoned with.

You will notice this motley crew camping out in front of restaurants that are poised to open within days. You may be driving by an upcoming location and notice a sign that says OPENING SOON but then get confused by the group of good-timers hanging out with guitars, sleeping bags, and card games. "Who are these folks and what are they doing?" you might ask. These are our "First 25" and their mission is to withstand the elements and physical challenges they may endure to become one of the first 25 people to walk through the doors of a new restaurant on grand opening day. Their prize? Free burritos for a whole year (one burrito per week). That my friends, is dedication that deserves to be commended and we salute our amigos for their commitment to fresh food, community outreach, and rock & roll. You are forever ingrained in our hall of fame!
As FREEBIRDS World Burrito continues our tour across Texas and the West Coast we thank our past groups of "First 25ers" and give loud shout outs to the new people we will meet on this journey. Will they have the strength and spirit of our previous campers? We'll keep you posted. Until, then...peace, love and burritos!

Westpointe campers form a human "F"


  1. My sons buddies are the first 3 in line at the new Ventura Freebirds! Fed them many meals -- so stoked to see Freebirds taking a day of the week! ha ha! Freebirds you rock!!

  2. I opened Westpointe and my wife was the Assistant General Manager at the time and now she's a General Manager at the fabulous location at Alamo Ranch. These guys were DIE HARD and they still come into our restaurants every week because they love us!! I have my own Freebirds I run and they all know me and say what's up!

  3. What's the hold up on hiring in getting the Tulsa FreeB!ird up and running? Just asking. Some folks ready to go and make it a raging success.

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